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Industrial Designs        Industrial Design has value in its  appearance       

What is an Industrial Design?

Design can be any three dimensional (toy,chair, bottle and the like) or two dimensional (greeting card or the like) article but does not expect to have any functional characteristics.

Any design will be granted protection if it is new and  not of scandalous nature or not contrary to morality, public order or public interests. New means it should not have been made available to the public anywhere in the world before the date of application for registration.

A registered design is protected for five years and renewable for two more periods of five years consecutively.                

Filing Requirements 

  1.  Applicant 's name/title & address in English.
  2.  Two (02) copies of the Design specimen
  3. Designated goods/services and the International Class : Classification>>
  4. The first filing number, filing date and country/region, if the priority 
is claimed. (The certified copy of the Priority Documents should be submitted within three months from filing in  Sri Lanka .) 
4. Power of Attorney executed by the applicant(s).Need not be legalized/notarized. 

(Industrial design takes about 06 months for registration )