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          Trade Marks        Trademark is renewable for an indefinite period of time

Main objective of every business is to build, a goodwill or a reputation through the company name, logo or brand name which in turn, serves as a ‘trademark’ enabling the consumer to identify the goods or services without being misled on its quality. 

In terms of the Intellectual Property Law, a Trade Mark means any visible sign comprising of a word, phrase, symbol, graphic or a design or any combination thereof which distinguishes the source of goods or services of one enterprise from the other.

Therefore it is essential to understand that ‘a trademark’ plays a vital role in Commerce, trade and Industry serving as a kind of Intellectual Property. 

In order to avail of legal protection for a trademark, it requires to be registered for related products or services under the relevant laws in force in a particular jurisdiction.

The registration of a trademarks is initially valid for 10 years from the application date and is renewable indefinitely upon payment of the required official fee within the prescribed period.

We assist our clients in safeguarding their rights on Trademarks/Service Marks within the jurisdiction of Sri Lanka.

What can be protected?
Trademark can be many things. You may register logos, words, trade names, device, numbers, letters, colors, slogans, three dimensional marks or any combination there of.
In some countries sound and smell may be registered but still in Sri Lanka it is not allowed.
However it should be able to distinguish the products or services of the company from the other products. 

How is a Trademark registered?
Trademark application may be filed seeking registration if the mark applied for is not registered early or pending registration.

Applicant may be a natural person/ legal person or other entity. 

Trade mark registration is initially valid for 10 years and may be renewed indefinitely upon payment of renewal fees in the prescribed period.

Documents required for filing:
  1. Applicant 's name/title & address in English. 
  2. Designated goods/services and the Int 'l Class : See  more details at the  NICE classification, 10th edition >>
  3. The first filing number, filing date and country/region, if the priority is claimed. (The certified copy of the Priority Documents should be submitted within three months from filing in  Sri Lanka). 
  4. Representation of the mark specimen:  JPEG format
  5. Colors (if claimed).
  6. Power of Attorney executed by the applicant(s).Need not be legalized/notarized.


How can we help you?

Being competent advisors we can help you in all ways. We can assess your brand/mark as to how it should be registered properly. We do necessary feasibility study via various databases and advise you  how you should act in order to get your mark registered in Sri Lanka and in any other country of the world.